Styling Your Soul (SYS) is a consulting firm that does fashion consulting for entertainment industry, private clients,  corporates and guest speaking at various events and conferences. At SYS, we believe styling goes beyond the fabrics, the colors and the silhouettes . To SYS styling is about how you want to be perceived by your audience and what brand image you want to create for yourself. SYS works extensively and passionately with their clients to make their dream brand image come to life. The Director at SYS, Ms. Lidder has been invited to judge fashion business case competitions and be a guest speaker at various corporations, business schools and other events. Some topics presented by Misha that have gained popularity are: Dress to Success, styling different body types, how to blend business wear with seasonal fashion. She has also styled and conceptualized over a dozen photoshoots, along with TV shows and music videos.  


Ms. Lidder was born in Amritsar, India. Due to the nature of her father's occupation (Indian Army Officer), Misha got to experience the various cultures and fashions of 29 different states in India, hence developing interest in fashion, colors, art and traditions that came with each culture. Misha moved to Vancouver, Canada with her family in 2004. This is where she witnessed International fashion in true sense of the word, given Vancouver's multicultural population.  After obtaining a dual degree in Marketing and International Business from Beedie School of Business, Misha also obtained a post graduate diploma from UBC in Digital Communication and Content. In 2017 Misha went onto study Fashion Business and Creative Arts at John Casablancas Institute. 

Misha also runs a custom made women's wear clothing company, Ruhiv. Each piece at Ruhiv is designed keeping the working woman in mind with garments designed to meet her social and professional needs. Click here to visit the world of Ruhiv! Apart from this Misha always has photoshoots and speaker series on the go. Misha's love for art doesn't just stop at fashion. She is also fond of writing lyrics in English, Hindi and Punjabi, performing kathak (Indian classical dance) and watching live theatre .