Sprott Shaw College had invited Misha Lidder as a guest speaker to the Career Professional and Development Course, several times this year. She gave speech about personal branding and styling and also shared about the WOS program (coaching girls and women to succeed and achieve goals). Ms. Lidder has a passion to share her knowledge and inspire students to succeed.  She is a really dedicated speaker. Misha uses different techniques to engage the students as a story telling, visual and auditory. Ms Lidder always brings real life examples from the professional world to class. I highly recommend Ms. Lidder as she can be a great asset to any Educational Institution.

Anna Tur

Employment Services Specialist

Sprott Shaw College


I invited Misha to be a guest speaker in my business classes at Fraser International College. She presented on how to dress for a professional business presentation. I was impressed with her preparation. Misha is an expert in what she does. I was also very comfortable with her taking the lead of the class and was confident she can handle unexpected situations. Misha was able to engage the students and deliver very informative presentation. The students were glad to learn more and asked questions after the presentation. I would recommend Misha to other business instructors who are looking for a guest speaker to present about dress codes and styling. 

I look forward to working with Misha next semester.


Ilia Bykov

Business Instructor

Fraser International College

Misha has a great eye for fashion and knows what she wants to accomplish with a certain photoshoot. She is very detailed oriented with her approach towards wardrobe, jewelry, shoes, the colors and everything that goes along with making a great picture. She is very patient with the team and does not hesitate to take initiate in ensuring that the team works together on achieving the goal for the shoot. She always comes fully prepared, at the same time takes on the challenge of any last minute changes in the shoot concept. I have a few more projects lined up with Misha and I look forward to working with her on those.

Robert Demeter 

Creative lead/ photographer

Robert Demeter photography


For my show chai with T, I needed a stylist who had a good grasp of fashion, how it looks on screen and most importantly, how it reflects my personality while still staying true to the essence for the show. Misha managed to do all of the above in a very organized and efficient way. When I initially met Misha, we sat down for a 2 hour session in which we had a detailed discussion on the looks for each episode of Chai with T, how it will reflect my brand image as a hostess and also contribute to the positive vibrant energy of the show. After that I had 2 more sessions where we would try on various outfits and mix and match accessories before zeroing in on the final looks. Misha was a breeze to work with through all the sessions. During the filming of the show, Misha was quick to think on her feet and stylize me to look cohesive with my guests when seen on screen. She takes feedback and suggestions very positively, incorporates them with  her personal styling abilities and creates magic for her clients.  I would highly recommend Misha's styling services. The girl knows exactly what she is doing!

Tarannum Thind

Producer and hostess

Chai with T

Misha provided my class of Hospitality Management Program students with an excellent hour-long program on styling and dressing for success.  The students remained engaged throughout her program and many asked questions.  The comments and feedback offered by my students afterward were all very positive and they and I truly appreciated the advice and information she presented to the class.  I have no hesitation in recommending Misha as a gifted stylist.


Barry Morgan, FPCM CPCA
HSP Mgmt Program Coordinator

Brighton College

A 30-year member of the

Canadian Society of Club Managers

There is so much I could say about this wonderful stylist. She was very professional and diligent when it came to her position on set. Always very collaborative and helpful in any way she could be. Her sense of style was always on point, meeting full expectations, and never clashed with other departments.  Not only was she great at her job, she was very talkative, out going, a team player, and a fun person to be around on set. She definitely brought the sunshine. I would highly recommend her to be apart of any photoshoots, and this industry.


Jada Cianne

Make up artist


 I first met Misha back in December of 2016 in a pre-production meeting about a photo-shoot. She came to the table with lots of ideas and a creative flare that I found very genuine. We clicked immediately. Through the course of the next few months we worked on several other photo-shoot projects. I have reached out to her on some of my latest projects to take on bigger roles such as project coordinator and production manager. Misha is very detailed oriented and does not back down from a challenge. She shows up on site with a smile and is a very generous soul. I will have no problem bringing Misha on board as a team member for future projects of mine because she has a strong work ethic and quite literally gets the job done. 


Aubrey Trotter

Creative lead/ photographer

Aubzilla productions


We had the pleasure of working with Misha and felt so lucky to have her in the team. She exceeded our expectation by stepping forward to also make the team in sync which was a tremendous help.


She did a fantastic job by offering her professional help in styling and she was always there to help everybody, all the way. She is a joy to work with and I look forward to work with her again.

Rasoul Shafeazadeh



With an early and fairly long day, It was such a pleasure to work with Misha. She really has an eye for what she does, taking every little article into account to bring everything together.

 There were plenty of great options for our 3 look photoshoot and every detail was down to an art, I mean she styled a scarf into a sexy sleek skirt which perfected the outfit we were working with! It was  also nice to have outfits that weren't the exact same things you see in every photoshoot and magazine, they were fresh, original and I felt great in them!

 The creativity and preparedness put into the project not only made the shoot run smoothly but it really showed the difference professional help makes. I immediately received an abundance of compliments on the final photos and  with them in my portfolio i can say they really made a more fashion forward impression.

Khamisa Wilsher


I met Misha through a photoshop collaboration on which she was the fashion stylist for the shoot. Misha is a very professional and hard working individual. I later on invited her to train my employees about professional dressing and how essential it is, for my event management company, Royal Halt. She deliver a highly polished and knowledgable presentation, which my employees found very helpful. I have found her work really promising and I highly recommend  her services to corporates and business schools. 

Jahanzeb Sethy


Royal Halt